My Brother the Theater Critic

This is not a new story - it happened like 18 years ago - but it's one of my favorites and I've been thinking about it lately and I need to get something posted here after all these months. So, here:

There is a nice local theater in my city that puts on a few productions a year.  One show they did was "Hair", and somehow my mom had gotten word that a former classmate of my sister & brother was going to be in it. So my mom told Jeff, and he immediately wanted to go because he loves a good musical.  No, that's not it. He immediately wanted to go because Hair => Naked People, and this was a legit opportunity to see this girl nude.  So he and my sister's boyfriend went to the play, and afterward they came back to my sister's place and we were all there (Rachael had infant twins at the time so we spent a LOT of time babysitting or just hanging out & helping her baby-wrangle).

So anyway, I asked Jeff how the show was, and he had exactly one opinion:

The lighting sucked.