There's a lot going on lately, so much that I get overwhelmed every time I feel like writing a post. But I do feel like writing a post, and the longer I wait, the more stuff is going on, and the more overwhelming it gets.  So I'm just going to dump most of it in a Random Useless Tidbits style post (tm K) even though some of it is not useless at all, but it is quite random.

A few weeks ago, I was in Target and as I made a quick pass through the feminine hygiene aisle, I saw a guy helping his girlfriend comparison-shop maxi-pads.  Like, she was holding one pack, and he was holding another, and they were each reading the side panel of their respective pack, presumably so she could make an informed decision. Except she was a grown-ass woman and shouldn't really need such consult by now.  So I walked away thinking, "Man, that guy deserves a medal."

Then I was all, "No, that guy deserves a new girlfriend."


Work is completely crazy lately, in every sense of the word.  I can't quite figure out the firm management sometimes; I get sent in one direction & then I get asked why I went in that direction.  I think I'm handling it OK, and my manager is being really supportive so I'm not worried, but it's freaking weird.  On top of that, things got insanely busy the last few weeks & I'm stressed.  BUT.


I'm going on vacation next week! To Myrtle Beach with my best friend from college & her partner and a bunch of their friends. I guess they go every year, and invited me along this year.  We're driving down Friday & Saturday & coming back next weekend, and it's going to be awesome. I hope.  I plan on doing absolutely nothing.  I'm loading up my nook & my ipad and packing all the stretchiest pants I can cram in a suitcase.


Then, when I get back, I am having surgery. On my boob.  I had a baseline mammogram last month, and they saw something they needed a second look at. So I went back, and they did another mammogram, and then they did an ultrasound, and then they did a biopsy.  But they were SURE it was NOTHING, just cysts, we don't even treat cysts! But they stuck a needle in my boob anyway.  They scheduled my post-biopsy appointment with a retired surgeon, because I wasn't going to actually *need* surgery, it's just cysts after all. So they sent me to the guy who only works part time. And he was an absolute delight, and we got on famously, and he went on to tell me I have PASH, whatever the fuck that is. Seriously, even the medical experts at my world-class hospital can't explain it. And while it's not harmful or likely to become harmful, they recommend I have it removed. So I talked to another surgeon, who didn't want me to wait too long (I hoped to hold off til January & knock out my 2014 deductible early, but no dice). So, on September 26, I'm getting it taken care of.

It should be fairly simple; it's an outpatient procedure but I will be under general anesthesia (THANK JESUS).  They say by the following day I'll be practically pain-free, but they will send me home with meds anyway.  My biggest fear is that I'll puke when I wake up after the operation.  I've been under general anesthesia twice, when I was 8 & 12, and both times it made me sick. They say they'll give me anti-nausea medicine, but yeah, I'm probably gonna vomit.  I'll tell you guys all about it, you can be sure.


Once I recuperate from that, I'll be having a belated 40th birthday party (J & I can't seem to find a good date for it until early October), then I'm off for a weekend in Galveston with Erica, Donna, Shelly, & T! and OH MY GOD IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME.

So! That's what's in my head, from the trivial to the not-trivial-at-all, the stuff that made me have one of the top 3 most awkward phone calls with my dad, ever.  ("Ihadamammogramandtheyfoundsomethingtheyareoingtoremovebutitisokdon'tworryOKloveyoubye")


Yay for vacations and boo for surgeries and I'm so glad that they think that it's nothing (even though "nothing" in my head means no surgery so bah). Will be thinking of you specifically for your surgery day.


Surgery! Forty! Vacations Plural! You kind of have a lot going on. You probably need a drink.


Maybe, JUST maybe, the girlfriend and boyfriend shopping maxi pads were looking for something specific for their dog. Who just went into heat. Or a craft project of some twisted kind...

Hope you have a great pre-celebration on your 1st vacation before the real party in TX, painless outpatient experience with the expected results and no puking. And thank goodness the awkward conversation is over. They've come a long ways with meds since your last experiences, I'm betting you don't hurl. But if you do, I'd be happy to read all about it.